Sea Explorer Scouts Sailing Victory 21 #398 'Wasp' in Oregon Welcome to the Victory 21 and NAVSO web site. This site is open to contributions from all interested parties, and it is intended to be a resource for Victory owners, NAVSO members and others. Any and all information you would care to contribute to this page about NAVSO or the Victory 21 will be appreciated.

This site is divided between information about the Victory sloop and about the National Association of Victory Sloop Owners (NAVSO). The site's Victory Sloop section includes Repairs, Tips and Techniques which covers a variety of subjects from bottom painting to hoisting and from the physics of hull smoothness to a discussion of how the PHRF rating is developed and used. disAbled Sailing promotes the Victory as a platform for disAbled Sailors. There are photographs of Victories displayed in the Photo Gallery and many of the boats in the Owners Directory are linked to a photo as well. I will link a photo for any boat which is sent, so send photos! The Restoration Project page describes work done to my former boat and the Repairs, Tips and Techniques page presents this information in a topical format, and it includes information and work descriptions from many owners. 

The NAVSO section includes the Owners Directory which lists owners, hull numbers, keel type, boat name, some photo links, sailing location and the like. The NAVSO directive is the document which defines the Victory One-Design Class, establishes the proceedures for the Fleets and Nationals, and defines the organization of NAVSO. The Fleets section will provide each Fleet with a location to post information of interest. There is an archive of curent and past Nationals, and information on the National Regattas.

So, if you are new to this site, Welcome! and if you are a repeat visitor, I hope to hear from you with your additions and suggestions.

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This website is meant to be used as a resource for all Victory Sloop owners, sailors, and other interested people. All owners are invited to submit information which will be of use and interest to others. With this is mind, I invite any additions which you may care to send.

Additionally, if you are an owner or know of an owner of a Victory 21, please send  the owner name, sailing location, hull number and boat name to add to the Owners Directory, and please email .jpg images or send photos. 

Preparing to Sail a Victory 21 at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center

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You can learn more about the Santana 525 at the Santana 525 Homepage.
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I recommend The Great Salt as the place to go to learn everything there is to know about the Great Salt Lake.